Dialogue with Institutions and organisations on the market

We help the insurance sector to grow

We are a player in a strategic sector that has important implications for the national economies. It is a sector innervated by the presence of institutional bodies and organisations, associations and research centres, natural counterparts of ours with whom we launch ongoing collaboration processes.

These include advocacy activities, through which we promote and support the requests of our Group and sector, always in a transparent manner and with respect for the general interest and the common good.

We do this by offering technical support to lawmakers and government bodies, who are therefore able to benefit from our valuable and indispensable know-how to effectively contextualise the issues pertaining to our sector.

A strong commitment to road safety

In Italy, we support Fondazione ANIA per la Sicurezza Stradale, which was set up by insurance companies in 2004 to combat the serious problem of road accidents through projects and initiatives aimed at reducing accidents and saving lives. These projects are often carried out together with the Ministries of the Interior, Infrastructure and Transport, Education, and Youth Policies, and the police.

Fondazione ANIA makes broad use of communications campaigns to raise public awareness of road safety issues and responsible driving habits. It also runs training initiatives targeted at various categories of drivers (new drivers, lorry drivers, etc.) and aimed at teaching all citizens respect for the Highway Code.

At the same time, Fondazione ANIA works with the biggest national and local Institutions to increase their understanding of the problems of road users and to improve existing infrastructure across Italy. For example, the Blackpoint project makes it possible to highlight the most dangerous areas on the Italian road and motorway network.

Having received a report, Fondazione ANIA takes action both to prevent accidents, by providing drivers with software which, downloaded onto a sat nav, warns of upcoming danger, and to make the roads safer, appealing to the competent authorities to eliminate the criticalities identified.

Generali has a particularly active role in the Psychological support for road victims project, which the Foundation launched in October 2014. This 3-year initiative seeks to provide a psychological support service for the victims of major accidents and their relatives, also with the aim of reducing the number of disputes in this sector.

The project scientific committee is made up of leading Italian and international experts in trauma psychology, while the other bodies that constitute the working model comprise trauma doctors, emergency psychologists, representatives of the insurance sector with experience in the settlement of major claims with damages to persons, and representatives of organisations representing road victims.

The in-the-field experiences of the insurance companies taking part in the project will be outlined, and the operating methods and settlement procedures adopted by businesses for major accidents will be shared and analysed in order to identify the best ways of interacting with the settlement chain (claims adjusters, solicitors, forensic pathologists). Finally, a flexible and efficient training model will be developed to share with internal company staff to encourage them to adopt a greater level of awareness in their behaviour, thus creating a degree of continuity with the actions carried out by the psychologist following the accident.

Generali is working with Fondazione ANIA to schedule training activities for its employees on workplace safety and, more specifically, road safety on the journey to and from work.