Engaging partners

Among our partners we pay great attention to our suppliers, we identify and select them on the basis of the principles of free competition, transparency and product and service quality, as set out in the Code of Conduct.

In the Ethical Code for suppliers of the Generali Group we have defined how the risks and opportunities related to the relationships with our partners should be managed in order to ensure integrity in accordance with the Group’s principles regarding human and labour rights, the fight against corruption and respect for the environment.
We ask our suppliers to align their business practices with the Group policies and to ensure compliance at all levels of their respective supply chains.

A new code of conduct

In 2014, in support of the commitment set out in the Code of Conduct, we defined and published a specific code of conduct applicable to all employees who manage relationships with suppliers through the procurement of goods and services, thus formalising rigorous standards of conduct, particularly in relation to conflict of interest, corruption and the handling of confidential information. The guidelines have been implemented in the different countries in which we operate and are available on the Group’s portal. We require all employees involved in supplier relationship management to sign the document, which is available in English and in the various local languages. In addition, an e-learning course is currently being developed, which will be delivered in mid-2015.

A new policy for outsourcing activities

To ensure the proper management of current and future outsourcing activities, an internal policy has been defined that is closely related to the Code of Conduct of the Group. The document determines the rules and guidelines for key activities, which must be managed in a structured and compliant manner across all Group entities. The policy sets out both the basic principles and the mandatory minimum standards that apply in all countries in which we operate, assigning the main responsibilities and ensuring appropriate controls and adequate facilities for their management. In addition, we regularly oversee all processes to monitor critical processes and ensure that there is no conflict of interest.