Growing together to fulfil our potential

Our leadership is also based on our ability to create jobs all over the world, giving men and women the chance to establish a stable, long-term relationship with us and to share in our idea of growth, improvement and personal achievement.

In this context, the Strategic Sourcing & Employer Branding team coordinates recruitment and selection activities to guarantee that vacant posts are filled quickly and in the best possible way, while the candidate assessment process is carried out by our dedicated centre.

We believe it is fundamental to maintain ongoing employer branding activities, working with universities and international business schools to promote our Group as the top choice for young, high-potential workers.


In some countries we actively contribute to combating unemployment among young people, directly creating or supporting specific professional training programmes to foster widespread access to employment that is based on merit.

Brasil Italy Spain Ireland Germany Austria Switzerland
We participate in the Jovens Aprendizes government apprenticeship programme, offering young adults professional experience and a gateway into the job market.
Graduate Programme: we offer targeted training and professional experiences, on a rotation basis, to 20 graduates with particularly outstanding academic backgrounds.
Generali Talent: 86% of the young adults that received training were hired by the Group. We have agreements with local foundations and Institutions (Fundación Adecco, Samma, etc.) for the recruitment of disabled employees.
We participate in the Transition Year programme, hosting a secondary school student, and the National Actuarial Internship. Every year we take on two interns from the National University of Ireland. We work with Generali Svizzera on international career paths for the best graduates.
Following a targeted professional training course, in 2014 we hired 130 talented young graduates with Master’s degrees. We launched the Career-Blog, an online platform dedicated to career possibilities in the Group.
We offer training programmes to talented youngs of 16-18 years of age with the ultimate goal of hiring them to work for the Group.
Graduate Programme: we offer 18-month training apprenticeships in the Group’s various international departments to talented young graduates of 26-30 years of age, ahead of their future employment in managerial roles.

France looks towards youth

The Group has been involved in initiatives to promote employment, particularly among young adults and the disabled, for years:

Contrat de Generation 126 young people hired
(Contract between the generations) aims to promote the training and hiring of 300 under-30s in 2013-2015 and to guarantee senior staff a lifelong learning course and the possibility of part-time work. In 2014, at Generali France we hired 126 young adults and enrolled 20.6% of our most senior workers on the continuous training course.

Apprenticeship policy, adopted by Generali France several years ago to recruit young apprentices, it has become one of the pillars of our employment policy.

It is a particularly effective tool for candidates with expert profiles or specific professional skills (e.g. statistical and actuarial sciences, underwriting, information technology, marketing or financial controlling), scarce and valuable resources for our sector.

We recruit apprentices for a period of 1-2 years, during which time they alternate work with periods of study.

326 apprenticesIn 2014, there were 326 apprentices in the company, almost 60% of whom were enrolled on a postgraduate Master’s course.

Over 50% of apprentices worked in key departments for our sector: the actuary, underwriting, insurance management, claims, marketing and digital offices, as well as human resources, IT, communications, finance, audit and controlling.

Of those that graduated the year before, 68 were hired by Generali on a permanent contract and 28 on a short-term contract, and 34 began preparing for a new apprenticeship.

Therefore, every year on average half of the apprentices that finish their studies remain at Generali with a new contract, while the others are offered consultancy and support as they seek work.

Employment of the disabled week
For the eighth consecutive year Generali France partnered ADAPT (Association pour l’insertion sociale et professionnelle des personnes handicapée) in the organisation of the event, also participating in a series of meetings on the issue with institutional representatives of the European Parliament.

Italy embraces talent

For the second year, Generali Italia participated in the Talent Days project, an initiative aimed at the children of our employees who find themselves in the study/employment transition phase. The Talent Days provide professional guidance on the techniques for actively seeking employment, with specific focus on the use of the internet and the social media, and were organised with the support of HR Community Academy (the network of HR managers). In 2014 the Talent Days were once again highly appreciated by the 150 children of our employees that took part, their enthusiasm rubbing off on their parents, on the coaches and on the HR managers of important multinationals who were present to share the benefits of their professional experience. The directors and managers were available to answer the questions of participants, clear up any doubts they had, correct their CV’s and simulate job interviews.