At the heart of everything we do

We operate in a fascinating and complex industry, we sell intangible products and services with underlying ideas about the future. Yet, despite being so intangible, our services have a very real impact on the lives and well-being of those who select us.

When selecting an insurer, people think about their family and how to protect them, their children’s school, the prosperity of their company, and will continue to do so with ever increasing attention and rigor, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the digital economy. Out of all the possible partnerships, the partnership with our clients is for us the most essential.

In 2013, we launched the Customer Centricity project, which we continued with surveys that allowed us to better understand client behaviour and the key factors that determine their preferences and influence their purchasing decisions.

In order to better understand how to improve our client relationships before, during and after the sale, in 2014 we conducted a survey, interviewing 20,000 clients in 21 countries to assess their knowledge and appreciation of the Generali brand.

The survey revealed a number of significant aspects:

  • of the five key factors that determine the clients’ preference for us, four are directly related to the service provided and the behaviour of our staff;
  • interactions with clients throughout the purchasing process have increased exponentially thanks to the spread of digital technology;
  • the spread of the internet has provided clients with low-cost access to information and various price and service alternatives;
  • purchase behaviour is now based on involvement and trust;
  • the main criterion that leads to the final purchase decision is associated with recommendations and advice from family members or friends based on previous experience.

A strategic approach to customer centricity

Technological innovations have increased the points of contact between the Group and our clients. They play a key role during the purchasing process, clients are able to autonomously obtain information and gather all the data related to the various different insurance solutions available.

The Group’s Mission to be the first choice for clients therefore requires a broad, interactive approach, involving them in a personalised, continuous process.