Managing claims with the client

Claims management in the P&C insurance segment is an extremely sensitive element of our business processes. It involves the provision of continuous and proactive support to the client, from the reporting of the accident through to the claims settlement.
In 2014, in the main countries in which we operate, a total of 7,500 people were dedicated to claims management, including over 600 experts and 200 fraud specialists, who participate in the training of loss adjusters, providing them with the necessary elements to detect and combat fraud with regard to claims, and who are in constant contact with the company through the national trade associations.

Our life contracts rely on our ability to be able to guarantee financial resources for our policyholders in order to offer them a better quality of life. In 2014, Generali paid out more than 27.4 billion euro in maturity and surrender proceeds from savings and pensions policies, and 5.6 billion euro in death and disability claims.

With regard to pension policies, we believe that helping our clients inform themselves will help them to make better choices. Most of our sales force use tools that allow them to assess the expected public pension amounts directly with the client, and then calculate the necessary supplementary amount in order to maintain the required standard of living. These tools can also help to improve their financial knowledge and the transparency of our offers.

A mechanic always with you

coustemer_sat_eng.pngIn Switzerland, Generali has set up a service to repair and restore damaged vehicles through a network of body shops which provide clients with a replacement vehicle with the Generali logo while their own is being repaired.

Following the reporting of an accident by the client, the claims management team activates the repair process in collaboration with more than 60 body shops located throughout the country.

It is possible to request the service to be activated either as the result of a collision, or as the result of damage in a car park covered by comprehensive insurance.

The level of customer satisfaction for this type of service is over 97%.

Focus on rehabilitation

In Germany, specific initiatives have been put in place to manage claims by people who have suffered serious injuries using the case management methodology, which provides the most appropriate means to ensure the best rehabilitation and reintegration into the workplace as an alternative to traditional financial compensation.

The service is managed by the Claims Management department and consists of monitoring the medical care received in order to proactively intervene, assign the best specialists and ensure more effective care, in collaboration with external medical treatment and rehabilitation experts.

The success of the service is due to the centralised claims management process, the medical expertise, timely intervention, information systems and the external system of specialised facilities that provide support to victims of accidents.

Combat frauds

In the second quarter of 2014 a pilot project was launched called Cognitive interview, which aims to combat fraudulent practices against insurance companies (claims for accidents that did not occur or for damage that is not related to the claim made, false statements made when underwriting the policy or reporting an accident, etc.), thus avoiding increases in premiums which penalise clients. The project brought together 12 fraud managers from nine different Group companies with the objective of defining the methods to implement an investigative technique based on active listening and conversation in terms of the organisational impact, the criteria used to select cases to be examined and how to deal with discussions with the counterparty. Initial results show a significant reduction in the time required to manage suspect cases: particularly long desk inquiries and the involvement of external investigators have been avoided in 57% of the claims involved in the project.

Well-being is the best insurance solution

In 2014 we launched a partnership with Discovery Insurance, the market leader in South Africa and a pioneer in the design of insurance programmes based on well-being and lifestyle, an offer that has already been tried successfully in some markets outside Europe.

Through this partnership, we will have the opportunity to offer clients in the European market, beginning from Germany, France and Austria, the Vitality solution, that will favour the improvement of habits and a healthier lifestyle, based on voluntary programmes and price incentives.