Diversity and inclusion as a source of wealth

We improve our people also through the promotion of diversity and every inclusion process that may facilitate this because we regard both as valuable opportunities for enrichment, formalising them in our Code of Conduct and rooting them in our values.

We therefore manage our resources with an integrated approach, which is designed to create an inclusive working environment that encourages the expression of individual potential and use it as a strategic lever in order to meet organisational goals.

To govern these delicate processes we created the role of Group Chief D&I Sponsor, which is responsible for supporting the diversity strategy and its implementation, and Group HR D&I Officer, which is tasked with defining the policies and implementing them in all countries in which the Group operates.

Improving gender diversity

A series of focus groups was held at the start of 2014 which led to the development of a number of initiatives aimed at women. The first consisted of two training programmes designed for specific Head Office targets: junior women and senior women. Each course was based on two days of training activities.

The common goal of the first day was the identification of one’s areas of weakness in interaction processes, helping to reveal the causes of self-limiting behaviour and suggesting actions to overcome them, sharing an organisational approach with particular reference to culture and with specific reflection on gender dynamics, and, finally, determining the eventual gap between self-assessment and organisational and managerial assessment.

On the second day the junior participants focused on understanding gender communications and identifying their own personal leanings, reacting to feedback in a positive way, and recognising and managing their emotions. The senior participants, meanwhile, focused on gender issues that could influence their role as human resources managers.

Personalised learning programmes were put together at the end of both training courses.

The second programme is the Women’s Mentoring Programme, kicked off in Paris in September 2014. As part of the programme, women belonging to the GLG acted as mentors for their talented female colleagues. This initiative gives highly expert and experienced women in the Group a valuable opportunity to develop and enrich their leadership skills as part of a process of growth and stimulation towards greater and more ambitious goals: in this sense, the course was fittingly launched at an altitude of 150 metres over Paris in the Generali France hot air balloon.

The programme was designed in such a way that less expert people are supported by female colleagues with greater experience, with the aim of creating a community that can contribute to increasing gender equality. The project involves ongoing interaction between participants and mentors in a non-hierarchical and informal environment, with pairings defined on the basis of criteria such as cultural diversity, departmental context and seniority. It examines problem-solving processes that make it possible to overcome prejudices and identify gender stereotypes that prevent women from fulfilling their potential.

A Charta on equal opportunities

In Austria, the Charta der Vielfalt (diversity charta) was adopted in 2013, highlighting the importance of diversity, equal opportunities, integration and inclusion among all internal and external stakeholders, as well as the daily commitment to creating a collaborative climate of reciprocal acceptance and trust.

The adoption of the Charta represented a public commitment to recognising respect for diversity in all our activities and rejecting all kinds of discrimination as regards gender, age, origin or skin colour, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs, and physical or mental capabilities.

In France people say “he for she”

Launched by UN Women, HeForShe is a major international solidarity movement for gender equality that encourages men to take action against the inequality experienced by women, and to support their rights.

With its support for this campaign, Generali France is the first French company to campaign for diversity and gender equality.

The Observatory on Women and Insurance (an initiative launched by Generali in 2011 to better understand the expectations and the role of women as regards insurance services) held a day dedicated to raising awareness on the issue, during which the #HeForShe campaign was launched at Generali France.

CEO Eric Lombard and over 200 employees were photographed with the #HeForShe sign in two photo shoots in 2014 and 2015.

As part of this initiative, Generali France also supported the activities of the Horizon Mixitè association overseen by Isabelle Joschke, lone sailor of the boat sponsored by Generali. The association participated in the start of the Route du Rhum regatta and involved 29 famous yachtsmen in the awareness campaign.

In the footsteps of Marco Polo

One of the Group’s oldest international programmes, Marco Polo is dedicated to global training and in-the-field learning according to a multicultural mindset.

In 2014 the programme involved around forty participants in three editions, and saw the involvement of both people taking part in internal mobility initiatives and newly-hired colleagues abroad.