Excel in training to compete in the market

Generali Group Academy, our new Group Corporate University, represents the fulcrum of the strategic and organisational transformation that Generali is implementing in order to compete at international level.

It is a school of excellence, specifically created to develop managerial skills, share experiences and spread the company culture.

It is founded on the Group values, immersed in the global dimension of our time, and seeks to support Generali in the management of transformation processes, constructing and strengthening new leaderships, supporting middle management and managerial career paths with the development of skills, and contributing to attracting, developing and retaining talent.

To achieve these goals, in 2014 we increased our level of investment in training to 79.5 million euro, increasing the number of hours of training per employee, and for women in particular.

The number of Group employees and members of the sales force not on the payroll involved in at least one training programme during the year exceeded 135,000 units, a total of 77.6%.

This demonstrates the Group’s constant commitment to training all of its people, who are able to take advantage of numerous training programmes to develop their technical, managerial and linguistic skills, and so on.

Global leadership programmes

We, Generali is the concept that encapsulates our cultural and identity transformation and which inspired two global training programmes in particular, Global Leadership Program Series and Global Leadership Program Accelerator, which are specifically targeted at the Global Leadership Group (GLG, composed of around 200 managers with key roles in the organisation) and a select group of their successors.

These training courses are based on two or three modules made up of preparatory work, individual or group coaching, activities on the educational social platform, and informal exchanges with members of the Group Management Committee, regional managers and Country CEOs. The main goal is to enable participants to become driving forces behind We, Generali, focusing on the roles, responsibilities and skills required to become agents of change.

The Leadership Agility in a Global Context programme is the first step of a development path dedicated to senior expatriates at Generali and managers that work in international groups, and aims to train global leaders that are able to promote our Group’s cultural diversity and interpret and lead the process of change, transforming living abroad into a growth experience.

Global leadership therefore becomes a personal action approach that makes it possible to take full advantage of cultural differences and to create an environment in which ideas can prosper and be implemented across the board in different geographical areas, with the involvement of colleagues at all levels of the organisation.



Technical Excellence Program


This programme, which stems from the partnership between Assicurazioni Generali and Università degli Studi di Trieste, is targeted at managers, middle managers and professionals in the main Professional Communities (Life, Non-life, Risk Management, Finance, etc.), and is based on an academic methodological approach and on business skills and practices.

The goal is to guarantee the consolidation and gradual updating of our staff’s technical knowledge and expertise so they can adequately respond to the new requirements of the market.

More specifically, the aim of all of the courses on the programme is to:

  • provide the Professional Communities with specific technical knowledge and expertise;
  • align metrics and language across the entire Group;
  • foster the sharing of best practices within the Group, encouraging collaboration between different departments;
  • promote technical talent within the business.