Rules and business, ethics at the heart

We want the community of men and women who dedicate their day-to-day lives to our Group to comply with a clear and shared system of ethics based on a number of simple and transparent rules. The Group Code of Conduct is our reference text and we ask that people put it into practice, follow it as a matter of course, not only to improve our working relationships but also to strengthen our employees’ sense of belonging and ensure it becomes another attractive element for those that believe in the same principles.

We want people to feel free to ask questions and to report - also anonymously, where permitted by the law - potentially critical situations. We guarantee the utmost confidentiality and we protect anybody that has reported ethical doubts in good faith, or worked on investigations launched following an allegation, from unfair actions or retaliation. Retaliation is viewed as a violation of our Code and is punished with sanctions which, in the most serious cases, may involve the termination of employment relationship.

Code of conduct




Let’s talk ethics is a series of informative articles on specific issues covered in the Code of Conduct, supplemented by humorous cartoons and published periodically on the We, Generali intranet. The themes range from the management of gifts and the protection of company information to how to promote diversity and inclusion, and conflict of interest, to name just a few.

The exchange of gifts and forms of entertainment may help to construct solid business relations and is a widely practiced custom all over the world. However, offering and accepting gifts in a working context may be perceived as a bribe.

For this reason we only allow gifts and forms of entertainment that are of negligible value, appropriate to the circumstances, work-related, permitted by local law and in line with standard commercial practices.