We develop our people

We regard training, professional updating and the exchange of knowledge as cornerstones of change and development. We foster the growth of our employees through skills development, motivation through the diversification of professional experience, training, the definition of goals, involvement in initiatives that drive integration and corporate well-being.

Time to move on, work abroad

In line with the Group’s international profile, in 2013 we launched the International Mobility programme in order to drive globalisation and support our new business strategy. The main drivers for international mobility were organisational requirements and the need for individual development. All employees that speak English and have the necessary professional requisites can join the programme.

In 2014 there were 305 employees on the international mobility scheme (an 11.3% increase compared with 2013), 35% of whom women, as in 2013, and over half of whom under 40 years of age.

Around 50% of the international mobility involved France, Hong Kong, the Czech Republic and, in Italy, the Head Office. More specifically, the Head Office welcomed 60 people from 17 different countries, most notably France (28%), Germany (25%), Austria (10%) and the Czech Republic (8%).

In the next few years the main goal will be to further increase the Group’s international mobility.


A targeted path for seniors

In light of the general aging of workforces due to the increase in the retirement age, Generali launched a project for employees of over 45 years of age in Belgium in order to assess specific career paths, also identifying talent senior.

In order to implement this project a steering committee was set up and a partnership signed with an external partner. Of the 13 potential employees identified in this age range, 11 decided to take part in this career assessment.

The importance of this Generali Belgium project was recognised by FOPAS (Insurance Sector Fund Training), which used it as a pilot project for the entire Belgian insurance sector.