Live the community, walk in the world

Doing business is an eminently social activity, a process of discovery and interaction with regard to the communities with whom Generali works, whether those of our clients, employees or the geographical areas we operate in: we listen to their needs and make our contribution in a dialogue that never ends.
Live the community is one of our Group’s key values.

We therefore collaborate with non-profit associations and Institutions, not only making financial resources and property assets available to them but also the expertise, experience and time of our people, encouraging voluntary initiatives. We generally manage activities directly, while in Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary and Italy we also work with specific local foundations that operate in accordance with their respective articles of association.

In 2014 we carried out a broad range of activities in terms of both type and size, totaling almost 33 million euro.

Our strategy and our horizons are global: we walk in the world. As such, as well as focusing on the needs of the local communities, we also help to address and resolve major present-day problems: as well as subscribing to international institutional initiatives like the UN Global Compact, we are committed to scientific research, particularly relating to issues connected with corporate business (medicine, climate change, etc.), and projects designed to contribute to achieving the Goals established by the UN to create a more inclusive and fairer world.

The pro-community initiatives can be divided into two main categories:

Over the years donations have remained stable, confirming the Group focus on the needs of the local communities.

The commercial initiatives have decreased, the trend of which is, by their very nature, in accordance with business logic and need.

The commercial initiatives are largely made up of investments in sporting and cultural activities. The projects described below mainly refer to donations.

Commercial initiatives and donations