Limiting the most global of risks

We are underwriters of risk and we want to contribute to limiting that most global of risks: environmental risk. We believe that economic and social development must also be based on the protection of the biosphere and we are actively committed to using energy, paper and water in a rational way in order to prevent pollution and combat climate change.

We always seek those options that enable us to reduce both our direct environmental impact, i.e. that stemming from our business activities, and our indirect environmental impact, which is inevitably associated with the links in the value chain that characterises our industry.

Direct and indirect impacts

The size of our Group gives us substantial scope for reducing our direct impact thanks to the adoption of sustainable practices and technologies that guarantee the efficient use of resources and the minimisation of emissions.

In addition, our influence on our counterparties enables us to promote virtuous behaviour through awareness-raising activities and requests to adopt specific minimum requirements, as in the case of our suppliers for example.

Group Policy for the Environment and Climate

Published in July 2014, the Group Policy for the Environment and Climate lays down the guiding principles, inspired by those of the UN Global Compact, that all Group companies must respect in order to reconcile business growth requirements with environmental protection.

The principles consist of three action areas which respectively seek to: prevent the generation of negative impacts through respect for the regulations and risk prevention; adopt sustainable practices and technologies; launch initiatives to create awareness and promote environmental responsibility.

Particular attention is focused on the theme of climate change, which is combated through a whole host of measures ranging from the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to research, green products and responsible investments.

Guiding principles

Mains areas of intervention