Raising our partners’ awareness of environmental sustainability

In our spheres of influence we work to raise awareness of the problems connected with environmental risks and to encourage environmentally sustainable behaviour.

In this regard we believe it is particularly effective to develop incentives connected with our insurance range: the Group companies grant discounted prices to companies that present lower environmental risks and offer customers variable discounts, which can even halve their annual premiums, on motor third-party liability policies for “green” vehicles (electric, hybrid, gas, etc.), with low CO2 emissions or low annual mileage.

Finally, as regards the supplier chain, during the selection process the Group regards environmental certification or policies as a priority requirement.

Generali Unwetter App

In Austria we launched a free weather application, with 8-day forecasts on temperatures, cloud cover, rainfall and wind speed and direction, and with an alert function in the event of extremely bad weather for the preventive protection of people and assets.

The application is based on HORA (Natural Hazard Overview & Risk Assessment Austria), a system for the mapping of Austria developed by the Lebensministerium (Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Silviculture, the Environment and Water Management) in association with the Austrian association of insurance companies (VVO).

The system focuses on the analysis of heavy rain, violent hailstorms, flooding and earthquakes.


In Germany we are members of Econsense, a sustainable development forum that brings together German businesses and organisations from various sectors with the aim of promoting corporate social responsibility and investment in sustainable innovation, technologies, services and products.

The Forum has developed a series of principles related to the supply chain known as the GASP (General Accepted Sustainable Supply Chain Principles), which we have integrated in our purchasing processes with the addition of 30 questions to the qualification questionnaire, divided into 5 categories: governance, ecology, society, politics and management.

This qualification procedure is applied to our major suppliers with the objective of covering 60% of the total expenditure.